KHA Applauds Passage of Historical Horse Racing Bill

The Kentucky Harness Association applauds the Kentucky House of Representatives for the passage of Senate Bill 120 to secure a strong and healthy horse industry by preserving historical horse racing.  “We greatly appreciate the countless hours of hard work by the members of the Kentucky House and Senate and their continued dedication to the horse industry in Kentucky.  To see and be part of a united front in working diligently to fight for Kentucky’s signature industry was refreshing in these challenging times.  Passage of this historical horse racing bill enables Kentucky to remain the Horse Capital of the World.,” says Bob Brady, President of the KHA.

“Although it is impossible to give proper recognition to every person and organization that came together to make passage of this bill possible, the KHA wants to give special thanks to Marc Guilfoil, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, a life-long advocate for harness racing in Kentucky, and his wife Elisabeth Jensen, Executive Vice President of  KEEP (Kentucky Equine Education Project), for the countless hours of time and dedication to making this happen,” says Bob Brady.  “Marc and Elisabeth have a unique ability to work cooperatively throughout all aspects of the horse industry to make Kentucky the special place that it is,” continues Brady.

Historical horse racing fuels Kentucky’s signature horse industry, strengthens purse money for racing, provides valuable jobs and generates millions in tax revenue to benefit investments across the Commonwealth.  The revitalized Kentucky Sire Stakes Program, enhanced Kentucky Proud Series (formerly fair racing) and the exciting new Kentucky Stallion Bonus Program are all a direct result of the growth of historical horse racing in recent years. 

Bob Brady
President, Kentucky Harness Association


The Kentucky Harness Association exists to promote, support and facilitate growth in the harness industry in Kentucky and to promote and encourage cooperative efforts among racetracks, owners, breeders, trainers and drivers, fans, and other industry participants for the overall benefit of the industry.  The KHA strives to broaden our support base and increase visibility on issues that impact the industry on local, state, and national levels while continuing to promote the Kentucky harness racing and breeding industry.


The Kentucky Equine Education Project, Kentucky’s equine economic advocate, is a not-for-profit grassroots organization created in 2004 to preserve, promote and protect Kentucky’s signature multi-breed horse industry. KEEP is committed to ensuring Kentucky remains the horse capital of the world, including educating Kentuckians and elected officials of the importance of the horse industry to the state.