KHA Liability Insurance

The Kentucky Harness Association (“KHA”) is pleased to announce that all members in good standing of the KHA now have in place third-party excess liability coverage for all Kentucky racetrack locations and all Kentucky fairgrounds currently conducting racing under the Kentucky Proud Series.

Coverage applies with respect to bodily injury or property damage to others (Third Parties) for activities a member performs in association with racing or training of harness horses as a member of the Association.

Racetrack Locations include The Red Mile, Lexington, KY; Oak Grove, Oak Grove, KY; ECL, Corbin, KY and various Fairground locations on file with the insurance company that currently conduct racing as part of the Kentucky Proud Series.

More specific details of the coverage can be found here.   

Limits of Coverage:
$1,000,000 each occurrence for bodily injury or property damage to others.
$3,000,000 annual aggregate limit
$1,000,000 personal and advertising injury limit
$2,000,000 products & completed operations aggregate limit
$   100,000 damage to premises rented to you limit
$       5,000 medical expense limit any one person

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Bob Brady
President, Kentucky Harness Association