UPDATE: Veterinary Treatment Reports & Pre-entry Examination Reports


Please publish this update for all horsemen licensed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) regarding the veterinary treatment reports and pre-entry examination report now required as part of the new medication regulations in Kentucky. 

The veterinary records requirement is satisfied by the treatment sheets turned in by your veterinarian.  If any treatments are administered by the trainer which the veterinarian didn’t prescribe then a sheet documenting those treatments should be submitted as well.  Treatment sheets can be turned in to the test barn or the judges’ office.  They can also be faxed to the KHRC office (859) 246-2039.

The exams should be done by the private veterinarian in the window from 3 days prior to entry up until entry day.  The exam is at a minimum, watching the horse jog in hand.  A statement from the veterinarian that the horse has been examined and is in their opinion “suitable for racing” can be submitted to the test barn, the judges or faxed to the KHRC office.

Any questions should be directed to Bruce A. Howard DVM at 502-338-3730 or by email at bruce.howard@ky.gov.

Thank you in advance for keeping the industry informed.

Bob Brady
President, Kentucky Harness Association


8-020-2-Withdrawal Guidelines Final-Clean Copy.pdf